panasonic massage chairs
panasonic massage chairs

Panasonic Massage Chairs

First of all, the Panasonic company is known as one of the best engineering companies and manufacturers globally. Additionally, this ethos is embodied in every component that goes into making a Panasonic massage chair. After all, if it’s engineering virtuosity you seek, Panasonic delivers the goods!

Above all, “Zengineering™” is the heart and soul of all Japanese-designed Panasonic massage chairs. Combining the power of modern, state-of-the-art technology with the ancient craft of healing massage. Shiatsu meets body-scanning sensors in this nexus. Hot stone massage therapy meets soothing infrared technology, and acupressure meets advanced 4D massage therapy to knead tense muscles like an expert masseuse.
Furthermore, Panasonic massage chairs let you choose from an array of expertly choreographed automatic sessions and a wide array of manual massage options. Indulge in pure bliss as heated rollers, ultra-kneading, and full-body air cell coverage work in concert to provide an all-encompassing luxury massage chair experience.

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